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Contech Group SRL

always focused on Quality & Reliability as a long term commitment for our customers needs.
That's the main reason for using in our projects ONLY components and parts from the best
manufacturers! Just check the bellow list!

Our suppliers:

Danfoss    www.danfoss.com

Heraeus   www.heraeus.com

Motorola   www.motorola.com

Wika   www.ewika.com

Schott   www.schott.com

Siemens www.siemens.com

Interfels GMBh   www.interfels.com

OTT www.ott-hydrometry.de/

Seba Hydrometrie http://www.seba-hydrometrie.com/

Thies Clima http://www.thiesclima.com/

Hach Lange http://www.hach.com/

And others..