Contech Group is not only a manufacturer but also a services provider!
This is possible thanks to our R&D competent team and well trained field-engineers teams.
Due to our own terrestrial transport fleet and all our building machinery like cranes, trench diggers and others, we are able to complete fast in-field complex installation of measurement systems and telecomm fixed, radio and wireless links.
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Electronic equipment :
Experimental model
Documentation design
Series product manufacturing

Complex data aquisition/transmision system
System design
System equipment design(functional blocks)
Equipment manufacturing
System implementation(in field installation)
Functionality checking
Dam monitoring system
Service for guarantee and post-guarantee period

Outdoor warning system design
Setting average level of background noise
Setting optimal places for population alarm equipment
Setting optimal power of sound for alarm equipment

Complete outsourcing services

If you are a system integrator in need of fast and reliable solutions Contech Group SA can offer complete subsystems or parts (design, manufacture, testing and installation) specially customized for you.

Customization can be done for mechanics, electronics, telecomm solutions or software.

R & D outsourcing services

If you already have your own manufacturing facilities and field-engineer teams but you need supplementary design force (mechanics, electronics, software), Contech Group SA can provide you fast solutions.

Data aquisition software

It offers the opportunity to process and access data from system equipment taken through the Internet or office local network. Also, the application can perform historical and graphical data acquired.

In-field installation and support services

Looking for somebody to help you to install your high-tech equipment?! Contech Group SA can be your solution! Our field-engineers have large experience in doing the right job with all sort of new technologies and they have all necessary material support (4 WD cars, field measurement equipment, tools, etc.)