Contech Group SRL is a Romanian private company with over 15 years of history. Founded by experienced specialists in automation, telecomm  and software industry Contech Group SRL has the power to offer fast answers to our customers' requirements!
We are able to provide complex projects involving mechanics, digital and analogue hardware, over modern radio or wireless solutions.And we offer also a large scale of products like radio chain parts,
sensors and transducers.
All we need to know from our customer is a short description of the problem ....and we design and finalize the solution from scratch!

Trust us! and you'll get a Fast, Low costs and Reliable solution, no matter it's a metal or fiber glass case, a rack, a power supply, a dedicated hardware with microcontroller and sensors, a measuring system or a complete monitoring / dispatchering system requiring in-field installation in mountains or towns!
And by the way....reliable means that our products are functional no matter low winter temperatures and moisture or the heat of the summer!

Contech Group SRL competences....

Monitoring and / or centralised command (dispatchering) systems.... the true complete story:

Design & Architecture
Contech R & D team provides complete design from scratch...system architecture, mechanics, PCB, electric schemas, low or high level software and GUI's....

Implementation is full implemented in Contech's production matter it's a piece of software in Assembler or C++, a sensoror a mechanical part...

..and tested with our high performance test matter it is a transmission layer (radio, cable, or data over GSM/GPRS, SMS)...a piece of software or a sensor...

..finally a dedicated team with all necessary equipment (e.g. electronic field test equipment, trucks, excavators and cranes,...) makes it READY for use in both in-field sites and control room!

Industrial measurements for :
pressure, liquid level, temperatures, liquid flows, pH,
conductance, dissolved oxygen concentration,
regulation loops for pressure and liquid levels (Danfossequipment for pump command), etc.

Sensors and transducers:
3-rd party equipments (procurement, service and instalations):
Danfoss ,Vika ,Schott Geraete ,Heraeus,Interfels,Ott, etc..

Contech' s manufactured parts:
liquid level gauge ( resistive with floating magnetic coupling),rain gauge, environment and water temperature.

Data loggers
Multisensors data logger
Flowmeter data logger
Radio & Wireless:
3-rd party equipments:
Motorola MOSCAD, Siemens MC35T, Wismo,..
Contech' s manufactured parts:
Repeaters, radio mobile stations, interconnecting cables, filters (lambda/2) and bidirectional couplers, power supplies (linear and switched), power supplies (linear and switched) with buffering and monitoring capabilities, antennas, lightning and electrostatic surge protections